Choosing a Domain Name

Many aren’t aware of the importance of choosing the right domain name for a new website. Selecting the right name for your website is integral in its success. There are several factors to take into account that I have outlined below. Remember, picking the right domain name is a creative process.

Look for .com

While there are many other extensions available for a domain name (.net, .biz, .co), most people are only aware of .com. If possible, it’s best to register a .com domain.

Multiple extensions

With your .com domain name registered, it’s a good idea to register all extension variations that you can. This will ensure that you hold this unique domain and all of its counterparts. At Simple Square I have .org, .net, and .ca all redirecting to my .com domain name. You don’t need to have a website at each domain name, they can easily be redirected to your main one.

Keep it simple

Keeping your domain name simple will help your audience remember and spell it correctly. Try to avoid the use of hyphens or replacing words with numbers ( If you can use less than three words and a max of 15 characters within your domain name this will also help with retention and spelling.

Avoid the unexpected

Watch for unexpected words within your domain name if you are combining words together. A good example of this is Speed of Art – (this is a real site). Write down your domain name on a piece of paper and carefully read it through a few times to ensure that you’re not missing any unwanted alternatives.

Registration period

When you are registering your domain name, reserve it for as long as possible. Not only will you not have to renew your domain every year, it’s also been noted by SEO experts that Google will favour a longer register domain name. Google likely prefers commitment.

In conclusion, choosing the right domain name is an important part of your online success. Take your time and think it through, do your research, and ensure that what you select will work with your business and its audience.

A great tool for checking the availability of domain names and suggesting available alternative names is Domains Bot. I typically refer clients to Godaddy for domain registration.

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