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Jess Tasker is a Halifax based photographer who specializes in location and editorial photography with an emphasis on travel, people and sport. Jess is able to see the world in a way where the kinetic and aesthetic combine, allowing her camera to become an extension of her body. Jess Tasker required a very unique site that properly showcased a photography portfolio of very unique and impressive work.

Our main design goal with Jess’s new site was to direct attention immediately to her work. It was decided early on in the planning phase that this was going to be Jess’s best option for initial contact on the site. As a result, the site’s home page is a collection of featured work – visitors need to take no action upon visiting the site to view photos.

The portfolio consists of four main areas – Home, Faces, Places and Action. Each section is a collection of work portrayed within a large slideshow function. The user has the ability to navigate to the next or previous images. They can also navigate to specific images using the thumbnail navigation provided at the bottom of the screen.

The site’s navigation was kept to a minimum, all non-essential elements were removed to further place emphasis on the portfolio of work. The main navigation expands when rolled over to display additional options. The previous and next controls for the slideshow only display when the mouse is moved to the right and left of the screen. The thumbnail navigation for each section is hidden along the bottom of the screen and only displays if selected.

The minimal navigation makes using the site very easy. Portfolios of this type require less interaction from the viewer. Jess’s portfolio was small enough and simple enough that our minimized approach works. Larger more complex portfolios would require a more detailed approach. Large images immediately engage and Jess’s message is instantly conveyed – there’s little question as to the nature of her work. A small bio and image of the photographer is displayed over the portfolio when selected – making for easy access of the info without having to load an additional page.

Jess’s site was built to pull all of her portfolio from her account on Flicker. This gives the artist the ability to easily update her portfolio through Flickr. It also reduces the load of the site on the server as we’re loading all of these images off of Flickr’s server and not Jess’s. This makes for a quick running site regardless of the traffic on it at any given time.

It wasn’t too long ago when we would have built a site like this using Flash technologies. It would have been the only way to achieve the look and feel that we have. Today however we are able to leverage on HTML/CSS and Javascript to build an equally engaging user experience. This marriage of technologies enables us to build a light, accessible, search engine friendly solution.

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