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Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful, free, web-based tracking tool used to log all of the activity on your website. GA can be used to measure your site’s visitors, where they are from, what they’re looking at, where they came from, key words that were used to find you and a whole lot more. This article isn’t to introduce you to GA so much as to help you to better understand its use on a portfolio or gallery based website.

Why use Google Analytics?

In a nutshell – so you can better understand how your site is being accessed, what content is being viewed the most and what key words are being used to find your site within search engines. GA can help you buy the right keywords, target your best markets, and engage and convert more customers.

Engagement and Conversion are after all why you have a website right?

The benefits of using GA within a portfolio

By using GA within your portfolio you can better understand what pieces are getting the most traffic. We here at Simple Square review our analytics on a weekly basis. We use the information that we gather to help us decide which pieces to place higher within our portfolio and what types of work we should be showcasing. The work that gets the most hits and the longest visits is likely more interesting to visitors than work that gets less. This is very powerful information to have at your finger tips. Tailoring your portfolio’s contents to your target audience’s interests is a key element in increasing engagement and conversions.

An interesting case

Recently I performed some extensive updates to a client’s site. While preparing for these updates we were considering the removal of a web app that helped clients select additional information on their products. After reviewing the site’s analytics that we had collected over the past year it was decided that it would be wise not to remove this app. The data showed that over two thirds of the site’s traffic was using it! If not for the collected data we could have easily taken down the app and lost a huge portion of their audience.

More Information on Google Analytics

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