Six Tips for Successful Website Content

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When redesigning, updating, or creating your website it’s important to remember that content is king. When writing content for your website there are six tips that will help ensure the success of what you’re posting online.

This article explores these six tips with the intent of helping you clarify communication with your audience online.

1. Make it unique

With so many options online, it’s the unique that gets noticed. Take the time to assemble content that’s not already online. If your service or product offering is similar to another agency or individual, focus on your unique offering.

2. What you know

Write what you know. If you’re a photographer, focus on topics that are related to your expertise. Make note of your service offering and what makes it unique. Writing within your area of expertise will help to build the trust that you want with your audience. It will also position you as an expert within your field.

3. To the point

Keep your site’s content short and to the point. Use small paragraphs with titles to allow users the ability to skim your content and find what they want. Making your content quick and easy to skim ensures that visitors find what they want and stick around.

4. Portfolios and galleries

If your website consists of a portfolio of your work it’s important to keep this content as current as possible. It’s also important to select work that best portrays your service or product offering.

5. Keywords and SEO

The content that’s on your site is indexed by search engines. It’s how people will find you when searching for you on the web. When writing your site’s content it’s important to write in terms that they will be searching for. Developing a keyword strategy is important to ensure that your content is helpful to your site’s SEO.

6. Read and re-read

Now that your site’s content is finished, read it through a few times. Have another set of eyes read thought it. Remember to spell and grammar check it. Nothing will hurt you more than spelling errors and grammatical mistakes within your website’s content.

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