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Utilizing social media to further your online presence is a reality for creative professionals. Social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn can be extremely beneficial for those working in creative fields. This post is an overview on how you can build your fan base and reach a larger audience through social media.

Social Media is a important tool in an agency’s success online. It can be used to help build a following or a fan base that you can communicate with directly. While each outlet has a slightly different way of connecting you with your audience, the premiss is the same throughout – to build relationships. Social media is about people connecting with one another.

Some experts coin social media marketing as ‘pull marketing’ as opposed to traditional ‘push marketing’ (TV, Print Ads, Radio, etc.). It’s about building personal relationships with individuals and sharing honest, helpful, relevant information. By sharing this information you position yourself as an expert within your field that can build trusting relationships with potential clients.

It’s not wise blatantly attempting to drive traffic to your website through Twitter. This type of ‘push marketing’ will only leave you frustrated with little results. It’s more about finding content that your clients/potential clients would find helpful and sharing it with them. As a web design agency that services creative professionals, we are always looking for little bits of information that our audience could use to enhance their online experience. I like to share helpful portfolio tips, case studies, resources and infographics that are relevant to our audience. Quite often I use my Twitter account to share some design inspiration or other resources on the web that I think are helpful to others.

Remember, it’s all about building relationships with your audience. Social media allows us to do this in a very transparent and personal way.

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