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As a creative professional when it comes to creating an online presence for yourself, your website needs to project a look and feel that’s unique to your product and or service. Many don’t understand the difference between having a custom online portfolio designed or using a template. In this article we look at both solutions to provide an understanding of which is most beneficial for you.

To have a look at some examples of portfolio template services visit Virb or Carbonmade. These portfolio solutions offer hosting services and a website template in an easy-to-use package at an inexpensive price. A website template is a prebuilt website that’s void of content. When you sign up for one of these services you select a template to populate with your own content. Keep in mind that the template that you have selected is a generic solution being used by thousands of others. While not very unique, website templates are a cost effective solution for those with little to no marketing budget.

Some website templates can be customized. Allowing you to change the look and feel of the template to better suit your organization. These alterations require a working knowledge of HTML and CSS so you will require a web designer to help you customize your template. As a web designer that’s worked with these services, anything outside of color adjustments and the repositioning of items can become time consuming and expensive.

A custom designed online portfolio is built by a web designer specifically for your organization. The limitations and generic appearance of the template are not factors as a custom site is built from scratch in accordance to your specific needs. A professional web designer will work closely with you to determine your online goals and provide a tailored solution that helps to ensure your success.

It’s best to only use template solutions if you can’t afford a custom one. The web is vast and competitive. Working with generic and limiting solutions won’t get you noticed nor will they help you achieve your goals as a creative professional.

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