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It can be overwhelming as a creative professional to keep on top of the daily requirements involved with running a business. Keeping up with current industry trends, client relations, project management, self promotion and of course let’s not forget about the work. These day to day activities are essential to business success regardless of your industry. This post focusses on the importance of online self promotion. More specifically the four top benefits of showcasing your work online within a portfolio of products and or services.

As a creative professional it’s imperative to showcase your work online. The benefits of doing so include client education and pre-qualification, accountability, search engine optimization and to show off your talents.

Client education and pre-qualification

Educating your clients through a showcase of your work can save you time during initial contact. It prevents them from calling you and asking if you can create X or if you provide service X. Giving the client an opportunity to view your work at their leisure allows them to learn about you in a comfortable setting. When an educated client contacts you, they know what your work looks like and they have decided to do business with you because of this. It can be quite settling to know that the work you’re doing is exactly what’s expected of you. Having a great online portfolio makes for better qualified initial contacts.


One of the important elements in maintaining an online presence is keeping it up to date with current projects and information about your company. This level of accountability is a wonderful motivator to keeping yourself current and active within your field. It also motivates you to ensure that what your producing is quality enough to share online with your audience.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Keeping a current online portfolio makes your work accessible to search engines for indexing within their databases. This can significantly help with SEO. If a person performs a search for who was the architect responsible for designing a particular building – your website will come up in the results. This works for any industry – if you produce a product or provide a service that someone is looking for and you’re not online there’s a really slim chance that an online search will lead them to you.

Show off your talents

Benefit number four is all about you, it’s a sum of the above three with a little pride. Working in a creative industry can be emotionally draining at times. We put our hearts on our sleeves and rarely get a chance to receive praise for our efforts. Keeping an online portfolio of your work and services gives you a chance to share what you do with the world.

Building and maintaining an online portfolio is one of the first steps in producing a powerful presence on the web for creative professionals. There are many options regardless of your budget. From free services like Behance to the custom solutions that we offer here at Simple Square, you can be sure that there’s a right solution out there for your creative business.

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