The Importance of Brand Constancy Online

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With so many different online venues available these days, it’s hard enough to keep track of them all let alone establish a clear and constant brand across them all. This article details the importance of a consistent brand across all of your online channels.

What is an online channel?

An online channel is any domain that you keep for your business. When I mention an online channel, I’m referencing your website, blog, and any social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest, etc. There are a lot of options out there for you to choose from.
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Why be consistent?

The importance of maintaining a consistent brand online is just as important as establishing your brand in the first place. It’s what people think of you, it’s how they remember and relate to your unique offering. Maintaining a constancy on the web will ensure that your brand has a firm impression on your audience making you more recognizable through familiarity. This familiarity builds trust and assurance with your audience.

If a user’s first impression of you online is your Twitter account, how confident are you that your message is as strong there as it is on your website? If they visit your website from your Twitter account will they feel like they’re still dealing with the same organization? Do your Tweets match the messaging on your website? Are they relevant to the service that you provide?

How to establish this consistency

There are two key elements to consider in regards to your brand online: message and image. What to say and how to look.

The message: keeping the literature on all of your channels is important. Ensure that your messaging across all of these is consistent. Any Posts or Tweets should be inline with your service offering. If you’re a photographer, keep the content about photography.

The image: almost all channels online allow some extent of customization visually. Utilize this capability by making your Twitter and Facebook pages look as much like your website as possible. Have your web designer focus on each of these, a designer’s touch always makes for a professional appearance.

With clear and consistent messaging and imagery you’re letting users know that all of these outlets are one and the same.

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