Web Hosting for Portfolio Websites

Selecting a web host is an important step in getting your portfolio online. In this article we discuss the basics of what is web hosting, why you need it, and how to select the right web host for your website. While this article focuses on web hosting for portfolio websites, the content is relevant to all site owners.

What is web hosting and why you need it?

A Web Host is an internet hosting service that allows you to make your website available on the web. Web Hosts are companies that rent space on a server (shared or dedicated) for you to house your website on. Different hosting companies offer a variety of hosting services that vary in technology, speed, and space.

For a portfolio website, the average shared hosting environment will be more than sufficient. The only exception would be video based portfolios where a higher level of bandwidth and storage is required. It’s important to discuss your new site’s content with a Web Host – this will ensure that your new site has all that’s required to function optimally.

How to select the right web host

A Google search for the term ‘Web Host’ will bring up a seemingly unlimited number of Web Hosts. Unless you have experience working with this sort of technology it’s best to request the advice of your web designer when selecting a Web Host for your new site. Your web designer may be building your new site using specific technologies that will be required on the server. Also your web designer may also offer hosting solutions that you can take advantage of.

Having your web designer host your website can be advantageous. For those that are not technically minded, it eases the burden of having to learn about the technology and also deal with the selection of and support for your own Web Host.

Should you decide to select your own Web Host, here’s a list of things that are important to check for:

  • Is there a phone number you can call if you need assistance 24/7?
  • Is the hosting environment shared or dedicated?
  • Can the Web Host guarantee 100% up time?
  • Where is the company located?
  • Are backups a part of the plan you’re purchasing?

How much you should expect to spend

The cost for hosting your website can vary. It largely depends on how much space and bandwidth you need for your site. On average, a shared hosting solution will start around $20 a month. This will include all of the technologies needed to host your site, email services, and some sort of a backup plan for your website’s data and files.

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