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Web design is an integral part of developing a strong and memorable online presence. Businesses, organizations and individuals that are looking to showcase their services and work online will be in need of the services of professional web designer. While there are many alternatives available for website creation, there is no substitute for the guidance that comes from experience. The benefits you will be missing out on can be detrimental to your business.

The top advantages of working with a professional web designer;


All great design begins with a research component. Factors that a web designer takes into consideration when researching your online niche include;

Users: learning about your target audience ensures that any restrictions or limitations are attended to. It also ensures that your site’s content and layout are friendly to its users. It wouldn’t make sense to design a site for an aging population that uses a small font, nor would it make sense to build a Flash site for a mobile audience. Learning about your audience can also inform about any technological sensitivities.

Industry trends: the online world advances quickly. Keeping up with current technologies and trends is important in maintaining a current online presence. By minding your industry’s trends a web designer can establish what visitors will expect of your site.

Competition: what your direct competitors are doing, where they are located, and how they are operating online can provide excellent insight into how you may or may not want to consider representing yourself online.

Gaining insight into the above factors will make sure that the design of your website connects you with your audience.

Accurate representation and first impressions

Your passion and excitement for your business is essential in attracting the right clientele. A professional designer can ensure that the look and feel of your site is unique and reflects this. Communicating your message in a direct and concise manner.

Colour, font, content and layout all determine the users’ emotional response and help them to identify quickly with your product or service. Accurate representation is a key factor in getting a visitor to take action (purchase, make contact, fill out form, etc.). This first impression is little more than 5-10 seconds. In this timeframe you need to visually communicate what you do, its quality and why they want to work with you.

Word of mouth

Professionally designed sites look great. They leave a lasting impression on the user. This encourages them to share your site with others. They feel confident sharing your URL because of the quality of your site’s design. A great looking site can also be showcased on design gallery sites and within your designer’s portfolio. Theses incoming links are very helpful with your site’s search engine optimization.

Valid markup language and search engine optimization

A properly coded website will pass the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium. This is important as it ensures browser compatibility and overall site usability.

Valid markup language is also important in making sure all of you website’s content is properly indexed by search engines. There are also coding techniques that need to be implemented that can help with your search engine indexing and ranking. This is commonly referred to as ‘On Site Optimization’ and is critical in today’s online marketplace.

Website analytics

A professional web designer will install analytics software on your site. This will help to determine your site’s traffic. In doing this they can make educated recommendations for future updates based on your site’s activity. Analytics provide information about users, where they come from, what search terms are being used in looking for your site, what pages get the most traffic and how much time is being spent on each page.

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