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Overview was started in 2003 in order to utilize the Internet for communicating a more clear explanation of accounting concepts to people in all parts of the world and at a low cost. The Internet meant that features for understanding such as exams, videos, interactive puzzles, links to definitions, etc. could be provided in addition to the traditional printed materials. has allowed people from all over the world to develop skills to increase their confidence, increase their value in the workplace, earn a better living, and create a fuller life for themselves and their family. approached us to rebrand, redesign and rebuild their website. The result is a lightning-fast, responsively designed website that’s accessible to the 40 million visitors from around the world that has received.

Update Jan. 16, 2017: We’ve just launched a new and updated version of the AccountingCoach website. This is the largest update since the launch of the site. Along with an updated design, users can track progress as they are guided though individual accounting topics that make up the course.
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